Regulatory Compliance 

Inwentra being the leading and one of the finest HR service provider, we assist to all address your requirements in the domain of regulatory and labor law compliance. we have been in the business of implementing governance models for many years. In fact, we couldn’t have established the strong reputation we have for business process outsourcing unless we were experts in governance, risk management and compliance. With our ever growing scale of operations, we have today developed a strong infrastructure, expertise and robust processes that are designed to handle large scale and diverse compliance requirements of our clients across locations. 

We provide The Regulatory and Compliance Program Services to assist organizations in adapting to a changing regulatory environment,we  provide three levels of engagement:

  1. Strategy level – to help organizations anticipate and adapt to regulatory change
  2. Operational efficiency level – to achieve a cost-effective balance between compliance and risk
  3. Remediation level – in response to enforcement.

At  functioning level  we have a professional team  with relevant experience and  abilities to perform outstanding results. Our ability to negotiate and liaison with the regulatory authorities and our initiatives on the public policy reform front also enable us to offer to you a credible and strong service offering in this field across the country. Our Dedicated  teams performs in depth research with technical knowledge and skills to provide services for a various sectors, understands industry standards and needs and consults with appropriate information, with  advanced thinking to provide clients with efficient services.