temporary staff


The organisations big and small are  always trying to cope up  with increased government regulations and  market volatility. At certain circumstances, the company doesn’t need to hire permanent employees on a full-time basis. It may have resilience to hire  an agile, on-demand employee group who can adapt to handle its activities in appropriate manner. Companies rely on a temporary staffing agency’s contract staffing services to support upcoming projects, meet seasonal requirements and reduce their workforce during slow periods. Hiring individuals on a contract basis allows your company to maintain proper staff levels and retain the talent available today, while reducing employee-related costs. Inwentra being the finest temporary staffing provider,  we administer most dependable  temporary staffing services as to build your staff strength without  time consuming,  and comforting the company in processing the projects. Inwentra is one among the most reliable temporary staffing solution agency in India. We offer a full assistance, with cost-effective, and productive HR Management services to organisations.

Inwentra have a reputable recruitment  system which helps us in recruiting  the candidates relevant as per your company requirements. Our efficient team provides potential aspirants by evaluating the profiles acquired and classify only the finest from the database.

Customized recruiting service:

     Inwentra  recruiting system  establish  to provide the organization as per there requirements. We have a broad connection across the country , which helps in exploration of providing efficient candidates to various industries  in a wider range . our recruitment  team  understands your purpose and provides the perfect services as per your needs.

Cost-effective service:

       According to company’s current workforce,  our staffing team  assists you in increase or decrease of staffs without affecting your core business . inwentra provides reliable staffing at an affordable price, which helps the  organization in cutting the costs related to  recruiting,  employee benefits, retirement, taxes long-term compensation and also company’s HR department administrative costs.

Efficient working mechanism:

          Inwentra’s time tested recruiting model follows  effective  and productive  process for recruiting process.  We do screening and find the candidates with matching skill sets for the required profiles, Then we conduct multiple rounds of interview to test the  technical knowledge, communication & programming skills, problem solving abilities and HR round to refine the desired candidates as per  your company’s needs.

Our team  work jointly with yours  to establish the efficient staffing support  to your workforce design. If necessary we solely can also manage the whole  process from sourcing to recruitment & on boarding procedure measurement.