Individual Training

Individual Training is a highly successful way of enabling students to progress at a pace that is right for them. It creates unique learning and assessment opportunities which promote greater participation by students, who are encouraged to venture answers and ideas which they might not have had the confidence to voice in a traditional classroom setting. Students have access to finest tutors to help them achieve the best grades in any areas and subjects.


  • Customized Training Programs
  • Flexible Training Schedule
  • Advanced Training Resources

Inwentra Educators will support and guide you through your selected study programme, but you should bear in mind that you are responsible for your own learning. Time outside of classes is your own, but the understanding is that you will dedicate a number of hours to complete homework assignments, further reading & projects. Educators will encourage you to invest more time in your studies but cannot oblige you to. If you want to make the most of your investment and are eager to truly achieve your career aspirations, time investment is necessary 

Job Guaranteed Training

With quality training and placement at Inwentra, we prepare each of our students for successful entry into any company. We guide them through various processes like resume making, mock interviews etc. Our association with several top companies ensure that our students are placed with some of the most renowned and established names in the industry. Every Corporation is every time in search of best skilled and essential employees integrated with functional and technological knowledge across these industries. To meet this requirement of many organizations there are several training offered by Inwentra for the students who are looking for in those organizations.



Hardware and networking Training

Inwentra has furnished the course that, searching a job in market after finishing of the course is very easy. You Will get several job offers from reputed organizations in Market. We Inwentra is a pioneer in career building industry for Hardware and Networking sector. Computer Networking and Hardware is one of the fastest growing sectors. The hardware sector is crucially associated with computer hardware and development fact-finding.Hardware and networking components are critical to the functioning of the IT industry and other verticals. Complementing each other functionally, data and information is distributed by linking group of networks using hardware components like switches, interface cards and networking cables. Skilled hardware professionals manage and maintain the hardware aspects while networking professionals with domain expertise, connect groups of computers for sending and receiving information.